Friday, August 12, 2005

Lake Osen, Norway.

Lake Osen, Norway.
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Just back from a lovely holiday in beautiful Norway. Stayed with our friend Esther and her three children at Hamar and for a few days at the holiday home Esther's mother has on the shores of Lake Osen. It's a most idyllic place and we were very priviledged to be able to stay there amongst the lonesome pines.
The photo does not do the view justice really. We had two of three days of drizzly rain but mostly the weather was perfect for walking and exploring the region, climbing hills and picking berries etc. Archie and the kids had a great time in the tree houses they had built and swimming at the sandy beach about 15 minutes drive away. The lake itself is long and thin like a scottish loch and about 18 miles long by a mile wide. No monster has been sighted but rumours are rife!
We also spent a couple of days in Oslo going to museums and art galleries and doing lots of window shopping ( the only sort we could afford! Norway is very expensive!)
What a beautiful place though and the people are so helpful and friendly.


Jonathan said...

Welcome back....
Glad you had a great time.
Don't you just hate it when people are friendly and helpful???

Cate said...

How lucky you are! The picture is lovely. Cate

hazel said...

Thanks Jonathan and cate. Its nice to be back - it's like we never went! Was it all a lovely dream? A parallel universe?
The norwegian grass seems that much greener, the sky bluer, the clouds more substancial, the food more tastier but I think it's that holiday feeling when you desperately want everything to be right and so your senses are charged up or something?
Back to rainy patchworked Cheshire and suburbia and electricity problems( no lights upstairs!) which we always seem to get when we go away- as if the house is annoyed at being left on it's own!