Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pannini and Chips

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We took a load of Archie's old toys and junk he had decided he didn't want anymore to the charity shop. The manager is a tranvestite, at least we think he/she is? She has a very deep voice and needs a shave.
I walked around town and went in all the other charity shops but didnt find many bargains. I was hoping to make up for Mondays boot sale disaster (it rained and I looked like a drowned rat!) but only found a DVD of a film called "Happiness" which I'd never heard of but had some critical acclaim according to the sleeve notes. Also found a double tape of old wartime humour, most of which I had already.
For lunch we went to the pub in Plumley as a belated birthday treat. Hazel's Mom wasn't feeling very well in July so we didn't have the traditional pub lunch. After waddling out after a huge platefulof pannini and chips ( Audrey and Doreen had the cod) we went to a the Hidden Nursery to look at plants and flowerpots. Audrey and Doreen bought some big gaudy orange flowering droopy plants I forget the names of. They had to be laid down in the boot and risked having their flowers cut off when the boot was closed!
Then home to collapse on the settee. That pint of bitter I had at lunchtime wasnt a good idea, it just makes me very sleepy.
Added more to new Boot Sale Sounds blog, which is looking pretty good though I say so myself.

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