Friday, August 19, 2005

Old bottles, packets and cheese toasties.

salt pastiller packet
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Juts back from a nice trip over to Nantwich and a rummage in all the charity shops and lunch in the deli that has the old packaging and shop museum bit at the back by the resturant.
Found a double Cd by Mungo Jerry for 99p which cheered me up- Hazel wasn't impressed! I suspect it's a remake of Ray Dorset and some other people going under that name. I havent listened to it yet.
Archie bought a very annoying Voice Distorting machine which makes him sound like either a dalek or a demented pixie depending on which setting you put it on. He wandered around Nantwich with it in a bag and the microphone sticking up over his t-shirt so that he could annoy all and sundry with variations of both.I think I shall be hiding the batteries very soon!
Hazel bought a bag for the beach- indeed, it seemed to have most of a beach still attached to it!
Hazel's old chum Jackie came too and she spent ages trying on clothes and not buying anything.
Afterwards we drove over the Dagfields on the way to Stoke and browsed the antigue barns. Found a nice old side table with two drawers that the computer will fit on nicely. A bit pricey but we haven't seen one we like so bought it. The chap delivered it for free and it arrived about 30 minutes after we got home! It's great to have a proper table at last and get rid of the folding card table and the school desk that had the printer on. Now we can see the bookshelf again and can get our knees under this table which has castors on so it can be easily moved if needs arise
Salt Pastiller packet found in Hamar in Norway..


Cate said...

Michael and Hazel,
Hope you don't mind me asking, but what kind of scanner do you use? I'm saving up to buy a new one after my last one kicked the bucket. Any suggestions? Cate

michael said...

Hi cate, We have a Hewlett Packard which is o.k. and seems to do the job but it is very clunky and makes a lot of noise and the ink cartridges (it s a printer and copier too) are very expensive. Juts paid 18 pounds for a new black and white one after the re-filled one gave up on us! So really I would ask around to see what other folks have got. They all seem to be coming down in price now. We bough this one a year ago for £99 and now you can get it for £60 which is a bit annoying!

Cate said...

Thanks, Michael. I've got a lot of old pictures of Mom and Dad's as well as their scrapbook that is falling apart and needs to be digitized before it's any further gone. I'm headed to Metropolis Monday I hope. Maybe I'll have some luck at Circuit City or the like. Cate

Jonathan said...

Glad to hear you've got yer knees under the desk again...

swapatorium said...

What a great graphic on that found piece!

michael said...

Thanks all for the comments. I don't know Circuit City, Cate , but assume it's an outlet for technophiles and the like? Good luck with the scanner hunt!
Yes, Jonathan it's nice to get my knobbly knees under the table again - so much more comfortable ! Its a pleasure to work at this table which makes a fine addition to our furniture most of which we got for free or bought very cheaply over the years.