Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Unlucky for some!

Prestatyn Soggy Golf!
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Here we are at hole number 13- better known as Soggy Prestatyn.
Going there was a doddle compared with coming back. We only missed one turn off and ended up in Mold. Took us about an hour and twenty minutes to get to the North Wales coastal resort (hah!) which is mostly a big sandy beach with assorted car parks dotted along behind a big sea wall- some seedy cafes amd a swimming pool/leisure complex. Still, it was the seaside and Archie enjoyed the digging and the paddling until the rain came down and we sat in the car for a bit looking at the sea and the rain. Eventually it stopped and we went to play crazy golf. Then the rain came again and so we played about half the holes and decided to quit whilst we were still ahead. We got a free ticket to try again sometime. Fat chance!
Getting home was a nightmare in the rain and only the barest map directions. We stopped off at Abberkan for tea and look round the cloth remnants and seconds. Hazel bought some cushion material. Then off again to find the way home only to find the huge bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal near Birkenhead instead! Retraced our steps and eventually with much bad luck found the centre of Chester ( dog nose how we managed this?) and total gridlock that lasted what seemed like hours. Anyway, we made it home and now it doesn't seem so bad. We will laugh about it tomorrow! hah Ha!


Syl said...

Hi, Mr. Well you had an adventure today. Everyone needs a game of soggy golf! And making sand castles on the beach is de rigeur!!! I stay lost so your dog nose comment was right on...sorta sniff your way back home. you can have a "flickr moment". ;-D

michael said...

Well it was athe 31st so i should have expected some bad luck (31 is 13 backwards!) Hazel thinks I'm a miserable old goat- which is true ofcourse. I feel more and more like saying "I don't belieeeeevE It!" everyday! Its lucky we have these blogs to unburden ourselves of these feelings of doom and gloom. I feel so much better for it!

Cocaine Jesus said...

reminds me of the days that me dad would take us to either southend-on-sea to play crazee golf or else to our local golf place in upminster.
that's what we used to get vast amounts of way back when wasn't it?

michael said...

Lovely warm english summer rain!
Southend-on-sea is well known to me, having went to art school there in the 60's. Its changed quite a bit sadly and I expect the Crazy Golf is now a Tesco Superstore, multi-story car park or something equally crass!

Cocaine Jesus said...

No, the crazy golf is still down on the sea front, which is still as tacky as ever and no where near as nice as Roger Stevens Brighton.

Southend, much like my birth home of Upminster, has changed beyond belief though. No more Keddies for starters!

As for English weather well you can always "get a tan from standing in the English rain"!!!

hazel said...

Yes you my dad used to say..its called RUST!