Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Archie Tecture

Archie is making a great collaged book for the art class in school - on the theme of Architecture. Here's the cover . Its got lots more inside including a great pop-up page with a house. Will try and copy some more sometime.
Went into town today as it was sunny and quite mild. Got a few things for crimble and a new colour ink cartridge that we seem to get through in no time. Partners do there own brand I've discovered which are 3 or 4 quid cheaper than Hewlett P. and last a lot longer ( it says on the packet ). Let's hope so. Found Archie some old "OINK" comics from the 80's - they look a bit like VIZ but not as rude and have a piggy theme running through them. Shame they didn't last very long. Also some cheap videos including Alan Partridge and the Hannible Lectar pre-qual "Red Dragon".
I made a collage for the latest Scrapiteria theme of The Fall this afternoon. I was tempted to make one with Mark E. Smith in it but had second thoughts!
Archie carved a pumpkin head the other day and last night used some of the leftovers to make a pumpkin and vegetable soup which was rather tasty even if I say so myself. We had some Austrian part baked pretzels with it which were delicious- piping hot from the oven. Yum!


scrapatorium said...

Fabulous title! The cover is fantastic too. Takes after his dad, I see.

I recently saw a pumpkin carving book with the craziest creations I have ever seen. I'll have to pick up a copy for Archie. Maybe he can make one next year, although they were quite demented (but funny).

wastedpapiers said...

Must be those red eyes!

Some nice photos of weird pumpkins in the free paper that Hazel bought home today- theres a wsebsite too-