Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Week Gone!

The days just seem to whizz by and the Autumn really has arrived in all it's nippy glory. I can't remember most of it but we had the gas man in to fix the hot water ( diaphram broke in boiler ) . Also a plumber came to give price for leaky pipes in bathroom. Said he might be back later in the week but no sign of him. What do we do that frightens them off?
Hazel has a nasty cold and nagging cough which has disturbed her sleep. Archie had tummy trouble and had Friday off school. He's better now. He's had his haircut and suddenly looks very long and lanky. I think he must be having a growing spurt.
Today there was only one boot sale at LA Fitness and it was pretty busy considering how blinkin' cold it was. Only found a Ken Dodd video and PC game which doesn't work for some reason. Hazel bought some pitch pipes and glass coasters with signs on them which read "Toxic", "Inflammable" and "Corrosive".
Archie stayed in bed to do some more growing no doubt.

This afternoon we went for a walk around Marbury- down to the lake to feed the ducks, swans and geese. Also saw some squirrels doing gymnastics in a tree by the bird hide and a rare white squirrel in the car park letting down tyres or whatever mischief they get up to.
Home for nut roast and all the trimmings. Hazel and Archie had corn-on-the-cob for starters but I can't stand the stuff- it gets stuck in between my teeth and really annoys me.
Have connected the Freeview set top box to the small TV in the back room now so can watch all manner of junk whilst browsing the blogs and suchlike. Discovered a new channel called Dave ( I know what a stupid name! Unless you are called Dave ofcourse!) which shows laddish shows from the archives like Top Gear, Who's Line IS It Anyway ( quite funny still ) and Red Dwarf etc.

Photos show the strange black pellets left in Marbury. Archie and Hazel tried to push one but it didn't go far. No more conkers - we looked.


cemenTIMental said...

Hi Michael,
I finally got my first Lulu book project finished! Info and some photos on my blog. It came out pretty nicely, I have no complaints about the quality. Sold a few copies already, my fellow noise weirdos seem to appreciate it! ^_^

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Tim. you are lucky then as mine was very dissapointing and dogged by disaster! I shall hot foot over to your blog to see more. Thanks for dropping by!

cemenTIMental said...

hehe thanks for the comment ^_^

Ah sorry to hear that... yeah these sort of things can be very hit and miss sometimes.

Rain Rien created a characteristically baffling homage to my book! -

Your post office exhibition looks like it was good, congratulations!

wastedpapiers said...

Needles to saY- I Don't plan anymore LULU books for the near future as I had so much trouble and the results were pretty awful- terrible thin paper. Ive sent a couple to a bookshop in London but they seem to have vanished during the postal strike! Not much luck- doomed from the start!

Thanks for the Ebay link. Nice one.