Sunday, October 14, 2007

Got Blisters On Me Fingers!

This is Archie and new guitar strap he got for his birthday. I took another of him blowing out the candles on his cake but thet was a bit too blurry.
Just back from a walk around Shakerley Mere and feeding the bird life with our stale crusts. No boots today. Shame as it was quite a nice day. Passed the pub nearby that is in the top ten for Gastro pubs - as featured in the Sunday Times. We havent tried it though imagine it's expensive and they have a big waiting list. Give me a chunk of crusty bread and lump of cheese and pickle any day!

Sat waiting for the mouse to appear but no sign. A motley collection of short arsed dogs went by with their motley owners.
Archie saw a kingfisher but we missed it - a blue flash and it was gone.

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