Saturday, October 06, 2007

Der Blues

We went out to see and hear the Daniel Smith Blues Band the other evening at Archie's school. Sadly only a handful of people turned up to enjoy an evening of boogie woogie and bluesy tunes. It was part of the Cheshire Touring Network who organise events and concerts in village halls etc. A few years back we saw The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain doing a similar concert at Plumley before they got big and appeared on Jools Holland's show and the Barbican etc. Can we expect to see Dan and his chums on this years Hootenanny? You never know. They are certainly good enough .
We bought a CD and Daniel signed it with a squiggly flourish that looked like a three year old had done it!

Archie has sorted through his Beano and Dandy swaps and taken a huge bag to the charity shop I could hardly lift. Hazel managed to drag it down the stairs and into the car. I've done my back in too many times to attempt it!
Now he's cleared his Lego city away you can actually walk into his room without tripping over things.

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