Sunday, September 08, 2013

Knutsford Boot

 We went to the giant boot sale at Knutsford this morning.  Got a few old postcards including these two of Blackpool Tower. Also a folder for collages. Hazel got a few odd bits for her odd bits collection - a measurer for eyes, picture hangers, fold away magnifying glass and some ceramics etc.  This after noon walked through Carey park to the Anderton Lift along the River Weaver and had lunch in the beer garden of the pub nearby.  Only asked for a sandwich but it arrived with a pile of chips and salad - so much for a light lunch!  Waddled back into town to get some jelly for Hazel's Mom who is having teeth trouble  (had one out and two fillings) so finding it hard to eat solids.  No jelly in Marks & Sparks so got her some custardy trifles etc. to try.

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