Monday, October 18, 2004

Boot Sale Sounds Uploaded

Seven new scratchy tracks from the flea markets of old London Town are uploaded at yahoo Boot Sale Sounds group including such gems as Eddie Lund & His Tahitians,Errol Dixon's Jamaican R&B, pre-Stiff Jona Lewie and more "ska" rarities from the 60's. Find the link on the left hand side.

The rain has stopped and the sun shines. A walk to town and back. Not much to be found. A game for PC called "Lighthouse" - a point and click mystery from a few years back. So far I have opened the front door of the lighthouse but it's too dark to go in. I have to find some oil for the lamp. Now, where would it be? In this old locked lean-to? Under the flowerpot? I'm stuck already. Will have a go later.
Going to raid the coal shed for some more musty mail art now.
holiday in hawaii


a cat of impossible colour said...

The oil is probably somewhere very unlikely; the flowerpot sounds like a good place for it.

I like your vegetable poem :), I don't think enough poems are written about vegetables. It should have its own genre.

michael said...

Thanks cat, I looked in the flowerpot but no oil in there. I have a suspicion its in the lean-to shed but it has a padlock so have to find the key.
In my inventory I have a lighter,a bag that appears empty, and a letter.
I'm useless at these games. I usaully cheat and look at the walkthrough everytime I get stuck. Defeats the whole point really of taxing ones brainpowers! Part of me thinks that i am using my brain to finish the wretched thing quickly and go do something else!

I agree. Not enough vegetable poems. Especially ones where the vegetables turn out to be evil invaders from a fiff dimension

michael said...

The next day i tried looking at thelamp again which hung by the front door- the key was there all the time hanging on the latch! So i opened the padlock on the shed and found a crowbar and the fuse box to turn the hosue lights on. Inside I went in the first room and found a diary about a mad inventor to read which backs up the creaky plot a bit. ~Also some otherthings for the inventory, an umbrella, a pen and something else which I've forgotten. anyway, went into the next room where the crying baby was and saidhello. went to kitchen to get it some milk from thne fridge but when I came back - quel horreur! A nasty imp thing was stealing the baby and jumped into a swirling time portal thingy! So naturally i jumped after it and........