Thursday, October 21, 2004

Animals Living In the Piano Shock Horror!

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Another old collage from the early 80's for Sylvia and fans of that era.
Walked to town this morning before the rain came and the winds got up. Posted a few things at the P.O. and checked the charity shops but no bargains. Took an old rucksack full of videos and CD's to the Help The Aged shop. I shall have to be careful not to buy them all again when they put them out!
Also got some blank CD-R's as I'd run out. Hoping Dixons would have some in their sale but no luck. Had to buy them at the normal price.
Archie got a nice packet back from the Beano Editor who he wrote to recently complaining of the sad state of the new re-vamped Dandy and he hoped the Beano wouldn't go the same way. Archie had asked the cartoonists to sign the comic he enclosed but unfortunatley they all work from home, but the editor signed it "the Editor" and enclosed some printed matter for his collection. Sad news though that the cartoonist who drew Les Pretend, one of Archie's favourites, had died and that's why Les Pretend hadnt been in the Beano for a while.
Below is a rubber stamped sheet made from a page of RUBBER STAMP EXCHANGE documentation. 1985.



Robb Heaton said...

I Ramdomly came and visited your site - i like it a lot, your pictures and stuff are really cool. I feel a bit like i'm intuding when i look around at your posts, so i hope you dont mind.
take care.

Robb Heaton said...
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Robb Heaton said...
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Roger Stevens said...

I always like to think that The Beano and The Dandy each have a little shed at the allotments where they work. And every now and then a Beano cartoonist will try and creep up on the Dandy shed and tie a big rope round it and attach the other end to an elephant who then attempts to drag it towards the edge of the chalk pit. But is naturally thwarted by the Dandy cartoonists who keep a little box of mice just in case. Then the Dandy cartoonists raid the Beano shed and so on.

michael said...

Thanks Robb. I like random visitors. Youy are welcome to come back anytime.
Roger, you have a fevered imagination! Sheds indeed! We all know that the Beano and Dandy artists live in garrets and wear berets, smocks and big floppy scarves. they have moustaches and goatee beards and sandals. spiders live in their empty cupboards. In their spare time they like to ride bicycles over canvases covered in paint and make horrible abstracts to hang on the railings down at Bash Street park!

Christi Lee said...

realy great blog! Thank you.

michael said...

Thanks Christi, glad you like it.hey, i seems to be getting a few random bloggers which is nice.

Syl said...

I always wondered what the
innards of a piano looked
like! Ewwwww.
Well I thought that the Beano
Academy was where the Seven
Drawfs were off to each day!
By the way, wonderful that
Archie got such a good
response from the editor!

michael said...

Yes, you always learn something at flobberlob - the nutty alternative to Encyclopdia Bricklaneca.
Archie was chuffed with is response from the Beano and plans to frame his letter from the editor!
Seven dwarfs? Surely not - they worked down the jam butty mines in Diddyland diddled they?

Groc said...

do you have a branch of Jessops (the photography shop people) - it's just that they're doing a special on cd-rs 39.99 for a spindle 50... bargain heh?