Saturday, September 18, 2004

When Saturday comes around again

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The week has whizzed by once more and this morning I ventured out into the drizzle for a brisk walk into town. Shaking my wet brolly outside shops before diving in to gently steam with the other customers. Found two records in the Help the Aged charity shop. A compilation of childrens songs from the BBC including Brian Cant and other Play Away folk and a strange disc of magical tricks and puzzles by Paul Daniels.
Also found some candy floss pink card to make into covers for the first issue of FLOSS. The kind man at the photography shop who I keep bothering was really helpful and fed the card into the colour copier by hand which took ages - luckily no other customers as it was still peeing down outside! They look great though the bottom edge of image just missed slightly so will have to fill in with black pen. Later will fold and staple pages into the first issue and put them in envelopes to send out on Monday.
Bought a gas filled stove lighter as the batteries have run out on the gas stove and don't know how to change them. Using matches is a pain and I've singed the hairs on my knuckles a few times already.
Bought the Daily Mirror, which is a rubbish paper, but it had a free DVD of Brassed Off starring Ewan McGregor and Pete Postlethwaite inside.
Chastised by Hazel for forgetting the eggs and cheese - she wasn't impressed with my alternative purchases!


hazel said...

Its like living with that chap who gets back from the shops saying "I did better that that....I got two scratchy records and some pink card..."
raised eyebrows and deep sigh......

michael said...

She should know me well enough by now after 20 years together!
I never come back from shopping trips with the stuff I was supposed to get. I always get the more esoteric and interesting stuff!

hazel said...

Just wish he would remember the cheese and eggs too.

Jonathan said...

You guys are brilliant...
Sylvia and I have similar issues,
but usually I bring back food that wasn't on the list.
My charity shops aren't stocking the stuff I'm looking for. Did find a great paint by numbers Clown a while back.

michael said...

At least you get to eat! Playing a scratchy record by George Formby or showing her a fascinating book about Cliffhanger serials of the 50's doesn't stop Hazels tummy from rumbling!

Syl said...

Beginning to understand why people stow away peanut butter & crackers in the tin behind the tin! Feed the woman, Michael!