Sunday, September 05, 2004

A walk in the woods

Carved Tree Trunk
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Quite a busy day considering the heat. Now this is what August should'ave been like!
Went to the annual charity boot sale at Knutsford this morning and found a few bargains including two odd records by obscure comedy groups I'd not hear of before - the Earwigos and Doris and Stanley Piecrust (something like that)
Also got a tape by Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren which I think I have already. Hazel got more metal gadgets inc. a tool set inside a brass tube that unscrews very cleverly. Archie got a pile of Horrible Histories books he's wanted for a while and two Beano Annuals so he was happy. Later we took Doreen and Audrey to another boot sale a bit closer at Witton Albion where we found a Weakest Link game for a £1 which we've been trying and not getting very far - Anne Robinson is far too intimidating!
In the afternoon we had a nice walk under some cool trees at Marbury and sat on this tree that had been carved by a local sculptor. It has rabbits, badgers, mice and birds as well as this handsome frog.


Syl said...

Don't know how lucky you are to have the boot sales there...perfect reason to get out & enjoy the day with the hope of new booty! And he is indeed a hansome frog.

Roger Stevens said...

Having trouble keeping up with your blogs.