Sunday, September 12, 2004

Tex Ritter rides again!

Tex Ritter
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
Not sure why this blog has suddenly developed a BIG SPACE above it? Perhaps this will rectify the matter.
This is not the Tex Ritter LP I bought today but this song was on it - played at 22 rpm.
Hazel and Archie have taken Audrey to the Antique barns of Lady Mugwump. I am staying home to catch up with my correspondance.


Roger Stevens said...

I was wondering why he had blood on the saddle. But then again - maybe I don't really want to go any further with that train of thought.

michael said...

I expected piles of comments about this record but only got yours so far!
I'll have to listen to the song again to figure out why, but it's such a strange song as if sung in slow motion by a cowboy in a diving suit!

Syl said...

Michael, just can't get to the music here...keeps telling me the site has reached it's d/l capacity. Does that mean everyone there is d/l'ing? Hopefully will get to hear old Tex eventually!

michael said...

I don't understand why you keep getting that message Syl? I get it when I try to upload soemthing bigger than the files can handle, but you shouldnt see that by just trying to download a file.I will investigate.

j0llyr0ger said...

Only certain amount of bandwidth (that is bits transmitted) is allowed per day at a yahoo group.

It is not known specifically, but that the upload may count against this limit as well as the download so that once the files are in place, only a few can be downloaded before the bandwidth limit is exceeded.

Everyone be patient and considerate. Perhaps download one song per day so that others may also download. Or snarf all of them up at once and let the latecomers do the same tomorrow.

Either way, only so many bits flow and then the tap is closed for the day.

the j0llyr0ger, doth look forth henceward to the time of when he can download submarine cowboy song.

Syl said...

Hmmm...the cowboy is riding the submarine? Nah, want those bucking bull buckeroos!!!

michael said...

If bits and bytes were fish and chypes?
What would we do for drink?
This bandwidth problem
Really makes you think!

Keep going back Syl, like Jolly Rogger says, be patient and they will be available when you least expect it (about 3am in the morning!)

Syl said...

Well, no success yet in hearing the music...slow on the draw...Boot Hill full of sames casualties. Will keep trying. I see the numbers are growing and new material all the time. Exciting, Michael...for you and eventually me. Seems this idea needed attending & you did it!

michael said...

Sorry if you didnt get all ther cowboy songs Syl. I had to make room for Tim's files. Some more crazy stuff coming soon. I'll try to include some smaller files to make it easier for you. Do you have broadband? iT does help a LOT!

Syl said...

Thanks, Michael. No, we don't have broadband...didn't really need it before, we it's way too slow to do what we want! Will just keep track of what's happening on the site for now. Keep that music coming!!!

graham said...

hello michael. one of my dad's old records is a tex ritter album. 10" vinyl. plain blue cover. with blood on the saddle. i remember playing that song. it doesn't sound much faster at 33rpm either. i still have the record.

michael said...

yep, thats the same record i have. has a great version of Rye Whiskey on it too.