Monday, August 23, 2004

Trains, frames and very big wheels!

London Eye
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Just back from a fun packed week in London - visiting friends and showing Archie the sights, sounds and smells (pew!) of the metrollopis. We managed to cram quite lot into three days including visits to the London Eye ( twice! once very early to beat the crowds and 9 p.m. to see the city all lit up) The Tate Modern (briefly, no sign of Adele) The National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square, St. James' park ( for ice creams and play on swings) The Garden Museum ( great for cheap healthy lunch in secluded garden) by Lambeth Bridge.Roots and Shoots (oasis in middle of Lambeth to see new biuldings and pond etc. ) Lambeth Walk refurbishment. Imperial Wart Museum to see the 1940's house. The Cut. Nice turkish restuarant behind County hall. The Sacchi gallery ( expensive but interesting to see the oil room and Brit Art cobblers at close hand) Free T-shirts! Hamleys Toy Shop - Arrrrggh! Archie enjoyed it but it was hell! and a few other things I've forgotten no doubt. Took four rolls of film.
Trains going a nightmare. Hazel had to sit in luggage rack! Coming back a little better though noisy "scouse" family were a pain. Stayed at my sister's in Basildon for three days too. Went to nice boot sale and bought all kinds of junk. My sister is bringing it up with her when they visit soon.Weather was great and now we are home it is raining again.


Syl said...

Welcome home after your trek to London...Ah, now you've made me think we made a mistake to forsake all London's offerings in favor of Italy. Too late, though. Great aerial shot of The Eye...but I thought it would move faster or something. Bet it was fantastic for viewing at nite! Hope to see more of your pics & findings later. Vacations are never relaxing to me, but they sure are fun. Love the Saatchi...always interesting, out there goodies to see (we saw Currin last time). Til later

Roger Stevens said...

So, you were in London.
You could have hopped on a train and come down to see us.
I've got some old lawn mower oil in the shed.
I could have charged you a fiver admission and given you the tee shirt that the cat used to sleep in.
Who needs galleries, eh?

michael said...

We only had two full days in London so not really anytime to make detours to kent etc. I hate trains so try and keep train travel to a minimum! getting across London to Fenchurch St. was bad enough - we had to ru n the gauntlet of tourists at Tower Hill posing by the dummy of the executioner.