Saturday, August 07, 2004

The inventor of the Dark Bulb

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Eddie Zung, the inventor of many curious and wonderful things including the dark bulb ( for sucking the light out of greenhouses) the electric flannel, the rotary pimple manipulator and the left-handed ossilating trowel.
But enough of him, what about my day so far? Well, I walked into town before it got too blinkin' hot and went round the usual haunts. Found two scratchy records, a portuguese comedian(?) Manual Morais and two episodes of I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again from the late sixties? This was one of John Cleese's radio outings together with Bill oddie, Graham Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor etc ( The Goodies ) was usually very funny and very daft.
I just had to go and point out the spot where Sweep, the goldfish, is buried so that Archie can mark the spot with some shells taken from the bottom of his bowl.

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