Monday, August 30, 2004

Another wet and windy Bank Holiday Monday

We almost gave up on the Moss Farm boot sale today as we sat in the car park with the rain lashing the windscreen. We drove off to the next one at the Kwik-Save car park and as we did so the sun came out! The K.S. was a rather feeble affair with half a dozen stalls all dripping with fresh rain. I found two DVD's - Jackie Brown and Kill Bill 2 (pirate copy) for £1. They seem like good copies too. We turned back to Moss Farm and squelched over the field to the remaining cars who had braved the elements. Good job we did as we found more bargains in the shape of CD's by The Inkpsots, The Waterboys,Billie Holiday and Jah Wobble. Also 20p tapes by the Bonzos, Peter Sellers, The Goons and Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers.
Hazel found two new metal things - a cooking thermometer with weird writing on- levels for CRACK, Small CRACK and CHIPS! Also a strange copper gadget with a roll of ebrasive paper inside?
Archie was happy with his Buster and Beano annuals so we all came home with something - a perfect boot sale!
Hazel took her Mom and sister to the Kwik-Save boot later after tea and toast.
We attempted a brisk walk in the afternoon but the heavens opened again and so we stayed in to snooze, watch tv and type our blogs ( in that order).Also opened up new Grand Prix levels in Burnout 2 and unlocked the rally car and a "mystery vehicle" ( hope it isnt a rickshaw!).


Syl said...

Hey, well worth the effort out it sounds. You got the Kill Bill 2 for a lb?! What a deal. Hazel must have a built-in metal detector to find her treasures...can't wait to see. Even Archie came up with his faves. Great day afterall!

michael said...

Yes, I was very pleased but I only checked the first few minutes, I havent watched all of it yet - it might be rubbish!
Still, for a quid you dont mind too much.
Just been watching 100 Scariest Film & TV moments on C4. some odd choices.At number 12 was the Wizard of Oz!? Carry On Screaming was in the top twenty also. Psycho at number 11, now that did freak me out when I saw it for the first time. Saving the top ten until tomorrow.

michael said...

Kill Bill 2 was as they said, a a bit of an anti-climax and not as funny as the first but it did have its moments.The pirated copy was alittle clitchy and blurry, more like video than DVD quality.

Roger Stevens said...

Brisk walking. That's the spirit.
haven't seen Kill Bill One yet. Jilly doesn't want to see it. She doesn't like violence. So I'm going to have to watch it when she's not here.

michael said...

Yes it is very violent but in that cartoony way that Tarantino does so well with lashings of ketchup and split screens and slow motion etc. Having said that I certainly wouldn't want Archie to see it especially as the language is very graphic too!