Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ink-a - dink- a - don't!

Ink ran out of PC printer. it's a Lexmark and the ink cartridges cost £25 each! I tried to get a re-fill (£15) from the re-fill shop but the cartridge was the wrong sort. Typical. Anyway, Hazel thinks the cheapo stationers sells them for £20 and they seem to work o.k.
Not sure if you get a full cartridge for £15- they look a bit dodgy in there. The ink has been threatening to run out for ages. It's gone through all the colours of the rainbow and now just a pale green stripe, great for Angel fish, zebras and camoflaged lettering but not much good for anything else!
Took Kill Bill Vol. 1 back to the library. Couldn't see anything else worth watching. Just remembered I recorded "Don't Look Now" some weeks ago and this may be the oppertune moment to watch it as Archie is staying over at Jack's tonight I think ( unless he gets the jitters and wants to come home ).
Not many bargains but did find some plastic boxes with lids for keeping the shoes and other junk dust free under the bed. Also some for the mail art archive thats being nibbled by mice. I dread to look in the coal shed to see what they've been up too! When we were away out neighbour, who was looking after the rabbit said a mouse popped out of the rabbit feed box and made her jump. He was wearing one of those screaming skull masks. He ran under the shed door laughing maniacally.

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