Sunday, August 08, 2004

Little Big Adventure in Cowpat Field

Little Big Adventure
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Yes, it's boot sale time again and more silly games added to the list of games I've started and have'nt finished. The sequel to Little Big Adventure was very engaging in a gallic kind of way, so finding this original game on Playsation at the boot sale today was very pleasing. Not many other bargains but Hazel found some more strange metal objects for her collection which will no doubt find their way onto her blog before long. Phew! It's hot today. I hate turning on the grill in this kind of weather but we have some greek haloumi cheese to brown and eat with tomatoes and basil. Yum!

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michael said...

THis game isn't as satisfying as the second which was a vast improvement on the first and being on the poorer quality Playstation is quite difficult to see and the controls are a pain too. My saved games all got deleted for some reason and i had to do the first few rooms all over again. ~I don't know how long I will percy vere with it.