Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's time to build that ark!

The Ark
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The rain is bucketing down again! This must be one of the wettest Augusts on record so far. We were hoping to take a trip to Jodrell bank. Now the lights have just gone off! damn!
(Two hours later) Well after fiddling with the fuses I've managed to get some of the lights and the fridge back on. We've had this trouble before during heavy rain and called in the electrician to try and trace the fault. We thought it might have been the door bell so that got moved into the porch so not affected by rain anymore. Also we got him to tidy up the wiring in the leaky shed. None of these things seemd to work but the electricity came back on eventually when the sun came out and dried everything off, so we are still none the wiser. Another electrician is coming later to try and sort the problem out. Hazel thinks it might be the junction box on the side of the house where the main electricity comes in. She could be right, although the electrician seemed to dismiss that idea last time for some reason.

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michael said...

I just realised i can add a postscipt to my previous blog by writing it in this comments box! How stupid of me not to realise it until now! I shall go back to other days and add similar if i can think of anything pertinent to say.
The second electrician came, with his girfriend or female helper(?) around 8p.m. and he rtaced the fault to somewhere under the floorboards upstairs but ofcourse it was too late by then to do anything so anotherchap will come on Thursday to poke around with the wiring some more. He fixed up two plugs we can use downstairs so at least we can have the telly on but need a flashlight to find our way upstairs. What a pain but it could be worse.