Monday, August 09, 2004

Any Umbrellas To Mend Today?

Swimsuit Angel
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You certainly need a swimsuit if you go out today- it's chuckin' it down! Hazel and Archie have gone to get the car M.O.T'd and buy some new shoes for Archie in readiness for his new school term. I was going but the rain put me off. I've been making a tape for the car - recent hits and old favourites to while those long journeys. Not much mail. A Banana Rag from Anna and our dentist informing us that he's going private and dental checks and treatment will double in future. Great!
Finding an NHS dentist these days is almost impossible.
Archie lost a baby tooth whilst chewing a toffee last night. He still insists on putting it somewhere prominent for the Tooth Fairy to find despite being nearly 12 years old! Still, money is money and it's not a threepenny bit these days, no, inflation has forced the price of a baby tooth up to £1.50!

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