Thursday, August 12, 2004

Fleeting fluffy clouds over Frodsham

Red Fox
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After the check-up at the chiropodists (Archie's verrucas seem to have gone thankfully) we dropped him off at Jack's house and drove onto Frodsham down some very pretty country lanes. The weather has been kind to us today for a change but we kept a wary eye on the grey clouds in the distance.
Frodsham is a quaint small hilly town near Warrington with lots of old shops and a small market that runs the length of one side of the main street. I bought some cord trousers for £15 as the ones i have are showing the signs of wear. I hate clothes shops so buying them from a cheeky market trader with a scouse accent is always preferable!
Hazel got Archie a Dandy annual we thought he hadn't got but later discovered he had , so another swap for his collection. I found a CD of songs compiled by Morrisey including some oddities like Sir John Betjeman ,the poet laureate that was.
Coming home we popped into a complex of old barns or cowsheds converted into craft shops and antique stores. Lots to see but very expensive. The massive shelves of Beanos and Dandys would have Archie drooling! Unfortunatley they were £6 each for shabby copies and much higher for older annuals in good condition. Hazel bought a small tin ,"Dunlop Tube Repair Outfit" which looks like a post box from a distance. Also some cheap postcards. Last of the big spenders! I checked out the old 78's and lps in a record shop but the prices were out of my range, spoilt as I am by boot sales and charity shops. A nice place to look around though, treating it as a big sprawling museum of nick-nackery!

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