Sunday, August 29, 2004

Another Bootless Rainy Sunday

I decided the boot sale would be a dismal affair being wet and windy so let Hazel and Archie have a lie-in. Later the sun came out briefly so we decided to take Audrey (Hazel's sister) over the boot sale at Weaverham but no cars to be seen just an empty wind-swept field! We went to check out the new Lidl store instead which was quiet thankfully. Very similar to Aldi- lots of jars of german sausages in brine and other weird european concoctions.
I wonder if it's possible to save these blogs to disc? It would be nice to save them somehow if ever they should shut down or go bust! I'll have to look into it.
The sun is out again now. Archie is playing Burnout 2 and Hazel is reading her last half of Join Me.I have the new Bryson book to start but it's a whopping great tome and rather forbidding but Hazel says it's a riviting read.

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Roger Stevens said...

Very good of you to let Hazel and Archie have a lie in. You're all heart :-)