Saturday, August 28, 2004

Ten thousand tiny tin trinkets trapped in treacle.

Ray Gun
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Not really. I just love this tin ray gun from the Robert Opie collection. I used to collect such things but they are very expensive now, even for modern reproductions. We ocassionally find a battered tin toy at a boot sale but few and far between. Saw some chinese tin toys in Basildon of all places but they wanted £20 for them.
A quiet day playing draughts and blogging. No post as yet. None yesterday either. Decided to start a new assembling booklet called FLOSS (details in comments ).


michael said...

FLOSS- An assembling 'zine.

On the theme of Fluxus. Any medium on paper. No thick collage or attachments.
Size- 21 x 15cm. Will be folded and stapled so keep this in mind when designing your pages. Use both sides if you wish.

10 pages needed from each participant. All participants will recieve a copy when enough pages have accumulated.

Syl said...

Hey, a great psychedelic ray gun! What a fabulous toy that would have been. Bet you enjoyed playing with those things as a boy. FLOSS sounds interesting...keep me up to date...Fluxus assembling? Hmmm

michael said...

Toys were usually very hard to come by when i was a boy. I come from a poor working class family so we had to make do and mend. most toys were made from wood. wooden forts ( I threw one in the medway when i was 3 ) bows and arrows, swords etc. lead and plastic soldiers were a favourite ( my dad having been grenadier guardsman) I remember a tin aeroplane and i probbaly had a small train set but no tin ray guns. Actaully when i think about it we had lots of toys but i had to share them with my two sisters and brother.