Saturday, August 14, 2004

Something nasty under the floorboards!

We have all the lights working and full power! Hoorah! Mind you it took most of this morning for the two electrickery fellows from the gas company ( don't ask!) to trace the fault which they eventually found under the floorboards in our bedroom. Not risking a hernia by moving our massive oak wardrobe they asked our permission to saw through the boards and fiddle around with the wiring running between the joists. It was fascinating hearing them shout instructions to each other as they tried each socket in turn to narrow down the place where the fault might be. Obviously a good problem solving exercise for them. Anyway,it got sorted and now we can listen to the radio, download, watch tv, do the washing, boil the kettle and make ice cubes all at the same time! You just take these things for granted, until they suddenly vanish!


Syl said...

Bejeebers, sounds like you've had a smashing experience the past few days. Glad all is back to blissful normality! Haven't had to do without lights for years, though I bought candles for just such occasion...only to find they had melted in the heat of last summer(when I broke down and bought air conditioner for computor room).Any way, you probably rid yourself of a fire hazard so it ended well. Think my nerves would have been more than frazzled holed up with nothing working, no escape cause waiting for Mr. Fixit, and rain outside!!!Loved "The Rebel" clip you showed. Ever see "The Horses Mouth"?

michael said...

Yes, I'm sure I've seen "The Horse's Mouth". I've certainly read the book which I enjoyed very much. Our guests have gone now and peace reigns once more. Archie is playing with Thomas from over the road, making lego cars and driving them over the cliffs of the stairs!

Roger Stevens said...

I once heard something from the Horse's mouth. Does that count?