Sunday, August 01, 2004

Searching for the ultimate boot sale

It's Sunday again so time to get up early for another boot sale - this time over in Frodsham. This is a lovely drive through some pretty countryside despite the many squashed rabbits, birds,voles, squirrels etc. we encounter on our way.
Bargains today include DVD's of Hotel Paradiso with those Bottom boys Ade Edmonson and Rik Mayall, About Shmidt with Jack Nicholson and The Hunted ( which looks terrible, filmed with a super 8 camera in the front seat of a cinema so the people have tiny heads and big bodies!) with Tommy lee Jones. Only a £1 each so can't grumble really. Also The matrix game on PS2 for £3 which seems to play fine.
Hazel got some more metal objects for her collection which no doubt will be finding their way onto her blog very soon.
Archie was chuffed to find the last remaining Beano he's been searching for from the 90's- particularly pertinent for him as it was his birth year - 1992. He also found a few more annuals from the 80's - Dandy, The Topper and The Beezer.
So everyone was happy with their finds and we drove home in the sunshine playing XTC's "Making Plans For Nigel" ringing in our ears.

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