Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I can't believe it's Crewe again!

The week has just whizzed by! I seem to be in a constant state of je-devu - raking through the same tatty boxes of records and junk! Not much to be had in a much diminished market. I found an old PS2 game called Smugglers Run and a record by The Grumbleweeds recorded live in Manchester for a BBc radio series back in the 80's. I just listened to one side and it made me smile a few times - daft northern variety club humour in the Mike Harding, Les Dawson mould.
Hazel found some more "rude doctor's kit" metal icing syringes and interchangable nozzles with different ends for fancy, plain, wiggly etc. and Archie was happy with his Dandys and a Topper from the 80's also. A bit of a theme going on here? More rain got us back to the car earlier than anticipated.
On a narrow and tiny hump backed bridge on the way there we looked aghast as a huge car transporter full of cars wobbled and scraped the back end as it heaved itself over, scattering oncoming vehicles in it's wake! The sparks flew about 3 feet and the gouge in the tarmac must have been an inch deep. The driver was obviously oblivious or obliviously obvious to all this drama. We stayed a good 10 yards away from the rear end after this and luckily he turned off a couple of miles further on.


_mcCutcheon said...

when you write your post and look right above the box where you write in? - THERE's the colors and fonts stuff :)

you just highlight a word or whatever you want and then you click on bold/italic/some color/whatever and tadaaa!

Roger Stevens said...

That's neat, Ophelia. You read Michael's question on my blog and answered him on his.:-)

By the way, Frank, it's two partridges and a ball of crazy string. Cheers!

Roger Stevens said...

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michael said...

Thanks for the info. Ophelia, I will try out some different fonts and colours later.
Confusing isn't it? Who saw what where? I've lost track!
I wonder what ads. will appear today? Ill slip a brand name in and see if it makes a difference.