Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Gasman Cometh!

It does remind me somewhat of that amusing song by Flanders and Swann. First the gasman came to test the fuses and tinker with the wiring and he dicovered he needed assistance so he went away and another gasman came and tested all the fuses and wiring and managed to trace the fault to somewhere under the floorboards. Before he left he managed to get several sockets and the downstairs lights to work thankfully. Another chap is due on Friday to pull up the floorboards to find the dodgy wire that is causing the cut-out switch to cut-out. As long as he doesn't hammer a nail through the water pipe we shall be alright!


michael said...

It's amazing how dependent one gets on electricity. luckily we have the boiler working so no more filling kettles to do the washing up. Archie has been making mono-prints at the bottom of the garden - a nice portrait of me despite the whiskers like one inch nails! I tried to do one too- it's harder than it looks. My portrait of Archie looked more like Billy Bunter!

michael said...

How nice that Google has put an ad for Flanders & Swann cd's on the top of my blog!