Monday, September 01, 2008

NYC - Day Eight

Breakfast in the hotel again. Stuck to the fried egg sarnies. Hazel had "eggs over easy" with toasted English Muffin and side dish of fruit salad. Realised you have to leave the tip on the table and not in the cup on the cashiers desk. Very confusing!
The fruit basket is going down fast - the grapefruit are delicious.
Walkded to Museum Of American Folk Art next to MOMA but it is closed on Mondays.

Got a taxi to the Museum Of Natural History that's half way up one side of Central park. Its full of dinasaur bones and rocks and interesting ethnic stuff. Huge place. We paid two dollars to get in as you can pay what you like and we were worried our money was going fast!

The museum has four floors and seems to go on forever! We don't go in the paying exhibitions of Horses and Planets and give the big 3-D cinema film of Dinasuars a miss.
Go for lunch in the congested food hall- really badly designed with tills each side that converge on one another- most confusing! Very grumpy cashier who keeps shouting "Cash Only- no cards!" Luckily we still have some cash and buy some tasteless mush for lunch.
Walked to Guggenheim acorss the park. Hazel gets stung by an angry bee on the neck. Archie manages to grab the sting and pull it out using a twig and fingernail before poison goes in. Looks very red though. A kindly nearby ice cream seller gives us some ice cubes to put on it which makes the swelling go down and soothes the pain.

It's better by the next day.
Went in Guggenheim shop but couldnt face any more "art". Contented ourselves with being cool and looking at the architecture.
Got taxi back to hotel for rest and drinks.
Walked down road to Moonrock Diner for evening meal of tuna melts and huge fries. Nice greek waiter telling us about the Olympics and how he's going to London to visit his cousin in 2012 and see it.
Walked down to see the lights on Broadway and popped into a convenience store to get bee sting soother. They didn't have any despite having 200 kinds of toothpaste!
Much squealing and cavorting as Hazel spots a giant cockroach on the wall by Archies bed! Arrrgh! What a monster. We try to lure it into a bread stick box with a handy bread stick but it evades capture by sprinting Bolt like under the bed. Goodness knows what the neighbours thought was going on! We did'nt see it again and had weird dreams of insects, bread sticks and bees running around the Guggenheim race track.

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