Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What's This Ear?

A few of the crowd down at the local clinic this afternoon when I went down to have my ears syringed by a friendly nurse.
I was ten minutes late due to my involvement on the moon of the planet Beyond Good & Evil - rescueing a pig from the evil clutches of the Domz. Nobody seemed to notice. The nurse was trying out a new vibrating water cannon- part of her arsenal to combat all manner of minor ailments too trivial for the doctor to deal with. She peered in first with a periscope thingy and said she couldnt see through to the other side. I could have told her that! It's been like having a galvanised bucket on my head for the past fifteen days!
Anyway, she is a sure fire shot- Annie Oakley of the Middlewich Road. The nasty waxy alien was soon lying recumbent in a tuppaware jug she had me hold under my lug hole. Pretty horrible is was too - I had to close my eyes to look at it!
Yuk! A rotten job but somebody has to do it and I'm glad it's not me!
Lovely to hear in stereo again- the clothes rustling as I strode re-invigorated from ther surgery! Every ant and bug could be heard gnawing through the undergrowth and the cars and lorries sounded like jumbo jets taking off.


Roger Stevens said...

It's great afterwards isn't it? And not even that unpleasant at the time.

Roger Stevens said...

Have just read your American journal all the way through. Looks like you had the best time, despite all the hassles.
I laughed, I wept. Nice account.

Jonathan said...

Michael- Glad your ear is sorted out... Can you hear me now???

wastedpapiers said...


wastedpapiers said...

Yes, I can hear fine- everything is very crisp and clear. I hated being partially deaf. Gave me an insight to what being a bit mutt and jeff is like! Horrible!
I can hear those geese going overhead now as i type this- honk honk! Before I would have missed them comepletely.

Glad you liked the American jottings. Keeping a holiday diary is a good idea. I shall buy another as this one is full now. It has Norway (twice) North Wales and U.S.A/ in it.

Anonymous said...

HAzel said...did you weep when I got stung by a bee in Central park...?
or was that a funny bit?

Roger Stevens said...

When the stinging happened I just got very upset and had to lie down.

Adele said...

I want to get my ears syringed, it sounds like fun!

wastedpapiers said...

FUN isnt really the word I'd use to describe the sensation Adele!
It's certainly better than going for a scrape and polish at the dentist but not as much fun as a trampoline!