Sunday, September 21, 2008


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I tried to make a thrilling film on my digital camera yesterday but the sound vanished for some reason so had to make the soundtrack up from odd bits lying around. Sorry if it looses something in transfer.
It was a nice walk and this gives you a flavour of the park and the sights.
Earlier in the day we went into town for some shopping. Didnt find much. I borrowed a silly Disney film fromthe library that Hazel wanted to see. It was "Enchanted" which was part animation and part real action - set mainly in Manhatten so we had fun spotting the places we'd been to in the Summer- mostly Central Park. It had it's moments though glad we didn't fork out good money on cinma tickets!
Archie's had a mole removed from his neck which was worrying him and it's healing fine. He was very brave and got spoiled rotten when he got home by Hazel, Audrey and Granma. I have a mole too that needs removing. Seeing how easy and quick it was has changed my mind about having it cut off. I saw the doctor a week or so ago and he said it looked benign. It does worry me a bit though so may as well get it removed and checked out for melanoma.


sylviasometimes said...

Great to see you guys...LOVED the sound effects...hmmm, cow needs to see Vet...having some mooing problems!
Cool to see Hazel and Archie on the uke and giddyuptar...
Hugs to all!

scrapatorium said...

Wonderful! Loved the sound effects. Also had a look at your other videos and love the collage ones. I really must get my video camera out. It's almost a year since I received it and not once have I used it.

Get that mole checked right away!!

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Syl and Angelica. If I spent longer on the films they would look and sound even better but I'm in too much of a hurry!
Yes, you must take some movie film Angelica of your finds.
I also forgot to mention the exciting new ironing board Hazel bought as the old one is on its last legs. We also popped out today to buy some bags of dirt for the pots of spring bulbs Hazel is planting.

Roger Stevens said...


Not sure how thrilling it was, mind.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks Roger. I tried to make a thrilling film but obviously didn't succeed! It is quite hard to make duck feeding and walking in the woods thrilling so it was an uphill battle from the start.
Maybe some CGI would help?

Anonymous said...

you should call it attack of the cows..and build up the suspense...That what I think