Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chews Day

Hoots mom! Hooty hoot - ah the smell of boiling porridge and haggis toosed in the heather. Nothing like that today - just the usual toasted bagel and some muesli.
I walked to town afterwards with a spring in my step ( goodness know how it got wedged there? ). After prizing off the spring I was able to walk a lot easier.
A few bargains to be had today. The Salvation Army was having one of it's frequent "fill a bag for two pounds * days and so I looked very hard for a bag to fill but ended up just getting two DVD's for the astonishing low price of 10p each. One was a dodgy copy though and only worth about 15p. Good to find The Darjeeling Limited though which seemed hardly played. I think its by the same director as The Life Aquatic, though could be wrong. Its about a train journey through India. A road movie of sorts.
Also bought a loaf of bread and a video of Eraserhead for two twenty. The bread would not play in the VCR but the David Lynch film did.
Archie is ukulele mad at the moment and playing it at every opportunity.
Time to go and make a fish pie.


Adele said...

Ooh, I've aked them to get the darjeeling film at the library, looks good (and I love Life Aquatic).

Hector is ukulele mad too :)

wastedpapiers said...

I was rather baffled by Life Aquatic but it did look good. The same goes for the Royal Tennenbaums? by the same director who's name escapes me. So expecting to be baffled by this film too.
Good to hear Hector is uke mad too. Get them stated young! Archie keeps playing Wild Thing and Smells Like Teen Spirit. Or is it Smells like Wild Thing? Both riffs have an uncanny similarity!

Roger Stevens said...

Ah... the good old ukulele! Funny you mentioned the Owl and the Pussycat cover. It has now become a bookmark. You'll be receiving a few soon I hope. And if our book never makes it - it may turn up as the cover for a book I'm hoping to make with another poet - if we can convince a publisher what a brilliant idea it is. I'm going up to London to see her on Thursday to tell her.

wastedpapiers said...

Hi Roger, I mentioend the Owl & The Pussycat because you did! I'd forgotten I'd done it. I dont even have a copy but I do now thanks to you and some bookmarks? that would be good. I use old receipts and sometimes fold the corner over if its a paperback.
Good luck with the poetry book pitch - about 87 metres is the record I think?