Monday, September 01, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's so nice to go travelling but oh so nice to get back home. To one's own bed and own tea bags and TV that doesn't seem to bad after all!
Still deaf in one ear though and went to the doc's today to have him peer into it ( and the other one ) with his periscope attachment gizmo. No light at the end of the tunnel apparently. He's booked me in to see the nurse armed with a stirrup pump on Wednesday afternoon- meantime I must glub-glub some more drops in which make me smell like sheep dip.
Slowly getting our sleeping pattern back to normal.
Had a terible sore bottom for a couple of days due to aircraft seating or lack of it. Had to apply a hot compress which did the trick.
Walked to town the other day but discovered my legs had turned to jelly and my feet were blancmange. Got the bus home and felt like a geriatric.
Hazel and Archie went to get Wilf who seems to be losing his hair. Lots of bald patches probably due to being stuck at Granma's for nearly two weeks and being stuffed full of seeds like a little round bean bag!
Borrowed "Cloverfield" from the libray on DVD which we watched the other night. It was O.K. but that hand held camera made you feel a bit sea sick after a while. Interesting to see the places we had just visited being torn apart by a huge rubbery monster.

Carried the Argos Book of Wonders home on the following day and nearly gave myself a hernia.
There was boot sale at the local Co-Op on Sunday. I bought a DVD and CD from our neighbour over the road who had a stall for 20p. He wouldn't accept any more.
Hazel went later and bought some cup cakes from the Co-Op. Audrey and Granma went even later as they were packing up as it was drizzling and bought a nick-nack from our neighbour for 5p. Apparently he'd "done really well" and was spending the proceeds on a slap up meal later that evening.
Granma and Hazel's sister came round for tea and biscuits afterwards and tapped our brains for crossword clues.
We tried to phone Bruce the piano teacher to see if there was a lesson tonight but got no answer so maybe he is still on holiday? We made Archie practice anyway as he hasn't done much these last few weeks.

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