Friday, September 26, 2008


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I took this film by mistake, hence the very dullness and shortness of it! It seemed churlish to delete though and so added some sound effects and credits.
This morning I walked into town and back to do some shopping. I had to pop into D&A the opticians to find out if Hazel's new optical assessories were the right sort- the intergalactic gargle vision lenses that she ordered or thought she did. She needn't have worried as they certainly were.
Then to the library, post office and market and all the charity shops. Not a thing! Nevermind it was a nice sunny morning and good exercise.
Last night we went over to a local 6th form college to have a look round as Archie will be leaving his High School next year and we are wondering what he might like to do. He doesnt seem to want to do anything at the moment. He was unimpressed by all the fascilities they had to offer. It all seemed ten times more lively than his currant school. The art department was just a temporary building but the work looked pretty good and the tutors very enthusiastic. The music rooms also seemed well equipped and the courses , although very academic and geared to "A" levels , seemed like fun to me. All the students we met seemed happy and gave the college a big thumbs up. O well, I expect he'll get round to deciding after weve been to the other college thats a bit further away.
Hazel has taken her 1st years to Salford today to see the War Museum etc. She has made them all labels so they dont get lost. She is workig ona mail art project which I will tell you about in the days to come.

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