Monday, September 29, 2008

Watery Fowls

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A nice weekend of various doings including going to the Harlequin on Saturday night to see Spike Theatre's production of "Gin and Tonic and Passing Trains" ( printed Gig & Tonic on the ticket by dyslexic arts bod ) which tured out to be a one man ( Ramesh Meyyappan )show based on Dickens ghost story of a man alone in railway signal box haunted by spectres. Really atmostpheric and entertaining. Shame only a handful of culture vultures in the audience.
The next day we went to boot sales at Weaverham High School and Verdin Park. Both were well attended as the weather was sunny. I didn't find much butHazel bought tons of stuff including a small cloth book with fishing hooks in, a bag of golf balls ( for her 1st year crazy golf project ) a cake stand, plants and a mysterious key.
Archie stayed in bed .
In the afternoon an old chum Dave came over from Yorkshire to lunch and exchange Xmas gifts ( last years ones ) which included a book about "Innovations", a DVD about train journeys in Norway and Finland and a folding bucket amongst other things. I made an onion tart and some mixed vegetable soup. We had apple pie and ice cream outside later on as it was so nice - though starting to get a bit nippy as the sun went down. Archie enteratined us with his ukulele and the diabolo and we watched the apples thud to the ground from next door's tree.


Anonymous said...

this should be called dark dark black black night....

wastedpapiers said...

I dont know what happened to the first video that seemed to be stuck in limbo. Ive uplaoded it again and it seems to work now.

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