Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Book What We Wrote

Roger reminded me of this book we collaborated on some years ago which is still looking for a publisher. I fear it is ahead of it's time! Or maybe just not very good but we had fun writing it - lots of daft spoof nursery rhymes. I think the cover is one of my best efforts. The owl has a cat's tail sticking out of his beak - it's NOT a beard!
Quite sunny here at the moment which makes a nice change.
Have been doing some chores today - washing and hoovering.Also trying to get Archie's animations onto a new site. I told him to do it but he doesn't seem that bothered. Teenagers eh? Everything is too much trouble for them. How do you get YouTube videos transferred to Quicktime? I've tried iSquint but it says "drag files"- what flippin' files? YouTube doesnt have any files! It has an address but that's not the same thing. It's totally baffling. We have the films on DVD and as Flash files but they seem incapable of transfer too.
O well. Maybe I should make my own animations. I tried uploading a Crazy Talk file to the aforementioned site but got a message back saying that it contravened copyright sadly and they couldn't use it. I had some old music hall lyrics on it which must be over a hundred years old now! Surely they must be out of copyright by now? The law is so fuzzy and they change the goal posts every week it seems so you never know where you are.
Anyway, better go and try something else.
Went to town yesterday and got a couple of videos including "Manhatten" by Woody Allen which was great after just being there. I didnt see it in black and white though and with Rhapsody In Blue as background music - for me it was full colour and Talking Heads.
Got a free Hitchcock DVD in the Times again - this time it was the little seen "Secret Agent" with Peter Lorre and Ralph Richardson looking very young and suave.

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