Sunday, August 31, 2008

NYC - Day Seven

Got Metro tickets again for all day rides. Got the bus to 27th street and a flea on a small parking lot that Roz on Flickr told us about. Got a few small things including badges and buttons. One made of tin says "Monroe" and another for "March Of The Dimes". Hazel bought a few things including a set of metal keys. Also a frying pan shaped rattle thing with a clowns face on it.
On the ground i found a lucky chinese cracker with some lottery numbers on so better buy a ticket just incase! Also some unfranked 33cent stamps.
Traipsed around the Greenwhich Village and SOHO areas in the heat and popped in a few shops to cool down. Bought some things in the MOMA Desing shop. Hazel got a small round metal mirror and Archie bought a book with just pictures for pointing at in foreign countries to aid translation.

Couldn't find Printed Matter. We asked in a bookshop but they didnt know. Rivals I expect and wanted it kept a secret!
Fed up and tired from aimless wandering we got the bus backCentral Park and got pizzas from our favourite deli near Columbus Circle.

Archie fed the squirrels and had fun throwing them acorns and bits of pizza crust.
Terroible buskers nearby with ballerina puppet. They didn't draw much of a crowd and left as dusk fell.
Wrote 15 postcards. Nice to get back to the air conditioned room in the hotel and have milk and cookies before more Flapjack on Cartoon Network and bed.


Adele said...

Love the Statue of Liberty pics, you tourists! I think Printed Matter is just a couple of streets dwon from where I did my internship on Wooster.

wastedpapiers said...

Thanks for dropping by Adele. Yes, we can't help posing by huge monuments!

So close to Printed Matter and yet so far! Nevermind, I expect seeing all that home made book art would have made me dizzy!