Friday, August 29, 2008

Boston - Day Three

Sadly Sylvia had to work today so it was up to Jonathan to entertain us and show us the sights of the harbour area and the historic Freedom Trail. I was still deaf in one ear so everyone had to shout at me.
Following a red line in paint and brick on the sidewalks we follwed it to various locations , including the statue of Paul Revere, his house and a church where they signalled by lighting a torch in the belfry to say the British redcoats were coming.

We walked along jetties and sat and watched the fishermen doing their daily fisherfolk deeds. A long walk over a bridge to the other side of the harbour to see the "Old Ironsides" boat in a dry dock. The usual paranoid queueing for the metal detector and frisking before were allowed to enter the site and then told to "clear the decks" by sailors as soon as we set foot on it! We saw most of "Old Ironsides" from the outside whilst a huge paying tour went onboard. Cheapskates like us were shown the door. We took refuge in the shop and took advantge of the rest rooms. Hazel bought a small metal Redcoat with smirking face and a presentation replica of a bit of lead shot made from some alloy.

Had a nice ferry ride from a pier nearby , all the way back to where we started out which saved our legs thankfully. Nice views of the boats and the city skyscrapers etc.
Jonathan found a good mexican resturant where we had lunch of fish and chips and cole slaw.
Then to the old part of town where the streets are cobbled. Saw the thinnest house in Boston and another very old cemetary where more patriots city forefathers were buried.
In a couple of trendy shops we bought some postcards and some chinese kite prayers? Useful for collages when I get home. Archie bought a small plastic hamster for Audrey for looking after Wilf while we are away.
Back through the park to see the infamous duckling statue and the swan boats.
Back to the underground car park to drive through Cambridge, Harvard Squares and MIT along the leafy banks of the River Charles.
Then to Jonathans local "The PLough & Stars" for a pint of draught Guinness I had promised him a year ago. Nice to meet some regulars and the friendly irish barman David who made us very welcome and even treated us to free drinks!

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