Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boston - Day Two

After breakfast we wandered down to the local convenience store to see how it differed from ours. Jonathan said it was nothing special but it seemed fascinating to us as we scrutinised all the different packets and cans. The person behind the till probably thought we looked very suspicious! In the end Archie bought a CLIF candy bar with a picture of a man hanging off a cliff on the front and a packet of M & M's which we can get in U.K. but he just fancied some.

Syl stayed in to look out for our lost bag which would be delivered anytime over the next few hours. Jonathan drove us miles along freeways lined with car rentlas and ubiquitous Dunkin' Donuts etc. We went off a side road in Essex to a nice old antique store called the White Elephant. It was lovely and cluttered and we had a good rummage. Hazel bought a metla whistle with U.S.A. stamped on it and a long gadget that looked like a cross between a potato peeler and gimlet? I spotted a record which we bought for Sylvia for staying at home and missing out on all the fun. It was Popeye songs from the 60's I imagine - nice gaudy cover of the spinach eating sailor.

Then to a coastal resort called Gloucester for a wander in the town and a lovely pizza in a resturant that Jonathan cleverly spotted. It was delicious - cooked in a proper pizza oven. Then to Mystery Train records to browse the hundreds of bins full of old records tapes and DVD's. They even had 78's. I didn't find anything though spotted an original copy of Sgt. Pepper with cut out moustache and badges intact for a measly ten dollars.

Then a long drive through picturesque Massachusettes through villages called Manchester and Bolton etc.
Sadly our wretched bag had still not arrived by three so Jonathan volunteered to stay at home to give Sylvia a chance to drive us to her favourite duck feeding lakes in nearby Cambridge.
It was very windy so didnt stay that long. Hazel got quite upset by the bag incident but luckliy when we got back the bag had arrived so that cheered her up. We had a lovely meal cooked by Sylvia to celebrate the prodigal bags return!
Were able to change our clothes and clean our teeth properly and give the presents we had bought for Jonathan and Sylvia. So the day ended very happily.

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