Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boston - Day One

Horrendous flight and arrival. Not the best introduction to America - stuck in customs and passport control for two hours in dungeon in oppresive heat at JFK. We had to push passed the huddled masses to get to our connecting flight to Boston in time. We needn't have run or dumped our bag so hastily as the connecting flight was an hour late. Our bag went off on a little detour of its own and we didnt get it back until 4-30 the following day.
Lovely at last to be greeted by Jonathan and Sylvia at Boston airport holdig up an A1 card they had sprayed through a stencil. Then the baggage claim fiasco. They gave us some complimentary over night kits with a toothbrush for a midget, a bar of soap for a dwarf and a white T-shirt for a giant. We had left Manchester at 10 in the morning and it was now 7-30 in the balmy Bostonian evening.

They promised the bag that evening but it never turned up so next day Sylvia phoned them and they said it would turn up before noon. Sylvia phoned again and they said it would be the afternoon anytime before 3 ! Blinkin' liars! It turned up at 4-30 and poor Sylvia had volunteered to stay in all day to recieve it whilst Jonathan drove us around various out of town sights like the White Elephant Store, Gloucester and Manchester which were far removed from their UK counterparts being tiny villages and towns on the Massachucetts coast.

Anyway, I'm jumping the gun a bit here as this wasn't until the next day.
In the meantime we had a nice look around Jonathan and Sylvia's interesting apartment and Syl cooked a delicious vegetable stew with pasta followed by cheese-cake. Then inflating the mattress for Archie and arranging the furniture to crash out after our arduous journey. Boy, were we tired and I was partially deaf due to the cabin pressure. Still am, 12 days later!

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