Monday, August 11, 2008

London and South Bank

Just back from a few days in London , visiting friends and looking round some galleries and museums.
Missed the train we had booked tickets on but luckily our friendly cabbie Roy came back for us when he told his next customer our plight ( would have to wait an hour for next train ) and as luck would have it, she was going to Crewe and so we all crammed in the backseat.
The train wasnt as crowded as we thought so we did get seats and were in London by the afternoon.
After dumping our bags at our friends, Jane and Graham, we walked through Archbishops Park in Lambeth to the Tate on Millbank. Archie bought some delicious cake from Cooper's in Lower Marsh on the way and we scoffed in the gardens outside.
Inside was a performance? which involved some athletic souls were ran very fast through the large central gallery and vanished out the back every 59 seconds. It wasa work by Martin Creed who is infamous for his bits of blue tack and lights being switched on and off. Hazel said he came to MMU to do a lecture and it was the worst she'd ever witnessed - he just mumbled and threw pictures into a slide projector willy nilly.
Also on show was a small exhibition curated by one of Hazel's ex-students who seems to be making a name for himself but unfortunately Ive forgotten what it is!
We walked back over the Thames via Lambeth bridge in the drizzle and shletered for a bit in the Tradescant Trust Museum of Gardening- in the knot garden where Captan Bligh of Bounty fame is buried along with the tradesdcants and a few other notables.
Here we see Hazel and Archie posing by Blighs grave (above ).
Then to Jane and Graham's for a rest and an interesting experimental dinner of fish baked in orange juice and cracked wheat. Also cold cream of watercress soup.


Jonathan said...
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wastedpapiers said...

Hi Jonathan, not long now!

Adele said...

You and names! It's Ryan Gander. I quite fancy the running through the gallery thing, do you think anyone would notice if I turned up in my running gear and just went for it?