Saturday, August 30, 2008

New York City - Day Five

Pretty traumatic breakfast in a local deli/cafe the next morning. Found it hard to be understood and everything is such a rush! My tea didn't have milk in and Hazel's iced coffee was hot!
Incredbly HOT outside and muggy. Walked to MOMA which wasn't far from hotel - luckily they were just opening at 9:30 so didnt have to Q. I got in as a senior (over 65 ) all three of us cost 45 dollars. It was worth it though - great Dali show about his involvement in films including the Disney collaboration that I'd not seen before. Alos a show about prefabricated buildings which carried on in a yard outside with full size buildings to wander round in.
The "Wunderkammer" show was a little dissapointing being mostly prints and very little of the "collections" we expected.
Nice to see a couple of Ray Johnsons in the "Art & Music" show. lso Wallace Berman and other essemblagists.
Full of ART we left for some lunch and got pizzas to take away and ate them in a little square( well more of a triangle) just off Broadwayin the middle of traffic chaos and noise of throbbing city. Aarggh! the noise! Even partially deaf it was quite overwhelming!

Walked a couple of blocks but decided to get yellow cab to Empire State Building as we begato flag.
HUge Q's for tickets and touts hussling for tours outside. I couldn't face a 2 hour wait in line after JFK so went off on my own. Hazel and Archie bravley waited and awarded prize of stunning views form top which these photos don't even come near to reproducing.

Meanwhile I had gone in search of the Morgan Museum which I'd been told was good. It took me ages to find but eventually went inside and paid my 8 dollars ( senior over 62 ) but all that was on was a small exhibition of Philip Guston's drawings and the Guttenburg Bible. Most dissappointing.
I walked miles then towrds East Village in search of a mail artists apartment on 3rd street.
Found a nice hat on the way for 15 dollars. It was so hot I was afraid of getting sun stroke! Also found a nice junk shop wich had a few records to sort through. Nothing for me though. Eventually found John Evan's place but sadly he wasnt in.

Spoke to one of his neighbours in gardens opposite . She said she didnt know him but then she didnt know many of her neighbours despite living there for years.
The walked to Laffayette Street and bought a tin robot for ten dollars in a toy shop. I asked about the Blue Man Group theatre and the lady serving said I was walking the wrong way. Eventually found it and sat outside with a Blueberry and Cocoanut Smoothie to wait for Hazel and Archie. They eventually tuned up an hour later.
The Blue Man Group show was amazing. Thank you Angelica ( who sent us the tickets )funny and an assualt on the senses. The first four rows had to wear plastic raincotas and hoods to stop them getting covered in paint!
Had photo taken with one of the Blue Men afterwards in the foyer. Archie bought a T-shirt and cap with the money that Jonathan & Syl. had given him.
Taxi home for showers and rest our weary bones.

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