Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hayward Gallery

The next day we had great fun at the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. We took Graham along to get him away from the building works next door which was worrying him. Distractions such as these tiny rowing boats on the roof of the gallery. You looked like you could easily tip up or be washed over the edge but a very comical and weird experience. Not sure who the artist was though. Lots of interesting installations inside and on other parts of the roof - a big plastic bubble to go inside- a cinema showing poeple dropping girders into wet concrete etc.
Hundreds of dolls houses piled up like a village on a hill by that women who made the plaster cast of a terraced house in the East End. I'm terrible at names!
Afterwards we walked to the Tate Modern but it was like a giant creche- full of tourists and kids, so we didnt stay long. The other Tate is much more enjoyable if you want to look at art - on the Millbank.
Then to Jerwood Space which was rubbish but nice for a cool juice and a sit down. Archie won a badge completing a video game someone had invented,


Roger Stevens said...

Seems like you had a great time. Pity we moved...

wastedpapiers said...

I expect there are plenty of places to row your boat in Brighton and Hove?