Monday, March 05, 2007

Total Eclipse of My Art

This was an amzing experiance but nobody seems to have seen it except us!
Even patrick Moore wasnt on the telly? Until the following evening and then it was last months Sky At Night. BBC going crazy again!?

Still they made up for it today when ther new Shaun Of The Sheep was on which was brill. I nearly wet myself. In fact I think i did. Archie is even more keen now to make some more I think- no pressure or anything! His 5 minutes on Blue Peter went to his head i think! he's having a lie down and reading the book he bought for World Book Day ( or wahtever it was called ) he got a pound toekn from school- everyybody got one and he spent it on a thin volume of Vampire stories.

Hazel has gone to bed for a lie down.

I had a nap this moring and woke up feeling like a banana - so I had one for me dinner.
Quite nice it was too- a bit yellow looking though. Later i had a bowl of muse-li with all kinds of anti-doxipants in it! Ive been watching too much Dinky Dick and Don I think!


Dream Keeper Shaman said...

everyone saw it. : )

wastedpapiers said...

Wasnt it fanatsic?!

Thansk for the link!

wastedpapiers said...

We all went through PUNk stage i think but didnt know it at the time. i myself had safty pins and velcro'd chain saws on me kaftan and saw the FALL live round the corner from me in Stepny where I rented a studio.

They were fantastic. Totally Wired! Like i feel now!

The audience was mostly goths, punks, 20- 30 soemthings - students and me in a duffle coat and hair down to my shoulders! I was accepted!

You all should find a piece of love in your hearts for the different types of music out there. i always have and thats why Exoticaring Group is the place now for me!

I have had my threee penneth of chips!