Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Down By The Riverside

A fabulous bit of old film featuring Sister Rosetta Tharpe playing some mean geetar! I think this clip was featured on Amelie- that great film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
No Crewe today beacuse of the fog but later it cleared enough to go into town and a mooch round the charity shops and the library. I found several old videos for 50p in the Help The Aged including a doc. about Jimi hendrix I'd never seen before and one of a rare Cicely Courtnedge film from the 30's about the music hall. Also Norman Wisdom and Thin Lizzy! In the Staitonary Box sale we found lods of stickers and scalpel blades for a few pence and a nice peice of smoked cod for a fish pie - actually that was in the fish shop not Stationary Box!

Archie went back to school today after two days off with a nasty cold. Thankfully he seems better and will be able to go skiing on Friday. We were worried he wouldn';t be able to go he was coughing so much at night.

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