Monday, March 05, 2007

RED Nose Day

Thansk all- their is a group here at Flickr that needs your input. sadly only 9 people on it and its been open year! Join now and boost awareness of a great day of FUN.

I had a nap this morning as I didnt sleep much last night. Up and down like a fiddlers elbow! Stress and being 60 soon i guess- a bit of a corker of a watershed!

I just spoke to my 86 old Auntie who had me in stitches about what a "naughty boy you was - always burying my ornaments in the garden and and filling the next doors toilet with pebbles! Mrs. Dennis next door said "'es gorn and done it again Mrs. Murray!"

Also she walks down a big hill and up a again and gets her shopping despite high blood pressure! Amazing!

So there is hope for us all. She also said "You also buried some wooden elephants and when we found them several years later they had rotted away and all that was left were the rusty metal bits that hold them together!"

I nearly choked laughing at this point. I hope I have her energy and stamina at her age. My other Aunti now in a home for the bewildered is doing well and looks fantastic said Auntie No. 1 - "she looked better than me! - the wrinkles had been iroend out and she had a new hair-do !" What a tonic it was to speek to her and several other poeple tonight - sorry if I burst your ear drums with my incessent chortle.

I think I am going through some kind of mid -life crisis I should have had ten years ago, but Archie has kept me young at heart. My brain seems re-wired- new synapeses and using parts I never accessed before. Its a bewildering and strange feeling! Anybody else been through that?

Watching Silver Surfers later to get some tips! On C4 I think.


Roger Stevens said...

Hi. I'm in sunny Sunningale,near Ascot, satying at a hotel. Well, it's really a residential centre for education-related conferances and things. But it works like an hotel. I'm hear because I'm at a nearby school tomorrow. And it seems to have free internet access which is nice.

These emotional-driven things do come along once in a while. Just ride it out. You'll be fine. By the way - I should think you could teach the silver surfers a thing or two.

Also - YES we did see the exclipse. It was pretty amazing. Its orange colour was something to do with the sun's rays passing through atmospheric dust.

Roger Stevens said...

Have you ever satyed at a hotel. It can be a bit tiring for the uninitiated.

wastedpapiers said...

Only once i think- last year at Llundudno for two nights when we went for a short break - but we stuck all the peices back together.

We had a lovely time - walking up the Orme and down again.

Our little legs were worn to a frozzle!

Ascot, thats where John and Yoko used to live isn't it? I seem to remember the film of their big white house. And the george bush growing outside.

Freee internet access eh? sounds like a winner to me.

Thanks for the positive feed back - much appreciated!

Glad you saw it too- wasnt it a special evening!

Love to Jilly and yourself ofcourse.