Monday, March 19, 2007

Mothers Day

Heres the Mothers day card that Archie made for Hazel. Inside he's composed a nice little poem which says-

" I'm a hammster
I can't speell
If you dindt clean my cage
I would relly smell"

And he's drawn some hamster poo on the bottom ( of the card ).

Hazel's Mom and sister came over later despite the hail stones and the gales ( with sunshine in between!) for tea and cake and exchange of presents, pots of mini-daffs etc.
I actually had enough energy to make a few flyers for my new mail art project "Let Your Postcards Do The Walking" and showed Audrey the foot shaped postcard I'd made. Also asked if she wanted any images tunred into rubber stamps as i plan a new sheet for these upcoming projects. I havent had any made for years so thought it would be good to get some FEET images. I found quite few in some old victorian cataloges and in old issues of Curios Thing. Audrey wanted some Egyptian images and I found some in my rubber stamp archive that I havent used.

Later I cooked a nut roast despite not having any nuts or sage and onion stuffing mix ( an essential ingrediant!). Luckily Hazel found some ol,d hazelnuts and almons left over from Xmas and made light work of them with her planishing hammer!

I used bread crumbs and onion for the stuffing and some sage from the garden, I didnt even know we had any!

It was delicious! A real Sunday roast. Mindyou i was getting a bit tired and grumpy and hot by the end of the afternoon! I managed to stay awake until 9 and went to bed to litsen to some rubbishy Men From The Ministry on BBC 7. Derek Guyler?

He was best I think as the policeman in Sykes ( with Hattie Jaques) But i digress.

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