Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blood Presher

Yet another visit to the docs for blood pressure check which seems high again so back for more in a couple of weeks. Also a sample to see if the kidneys are working properly. This affects blood pressure apparently. Ohterwise I dont need any more sleeping pills which is good and I could report that I felt like my old self with 25% addition to brain cells in some departments rather like the Numbskulls moving round the dusty corridoors and finding cobwebbed rooms to dust! How long this will last goodness only knows.

I could not figure out the wretched cell phone to call Hazel so had to walk back home to meet her and get a ride into town for wander. We didnt stay long as I'd been twice thgis week already and I should have been collaging really but the sun was out and it was nice to get some fresh air after being zombified for two weeks.

I collected the books I bought yesterday- one was printed in 1883! Posted some mail and went to the library sale again. Still tons of bargains to be had for 50p. I bought some foreign films that looked interesting on the Artifucial Eye label. I'd not heard of any of them but maybe thats a good thing.

Then to Aldi to get some provisions we were lacking and a few treats like bagels and biscuits etc.
Slept well again last night and awoke refreshed. Have been sorting out some old issues of Curios Thing for possible re-printing. Thinking that LULU might be a good option though the Demo. is rather baffling and fast and american. A nice slow simple English version would be better I think. But will listen to it again in the hope some of the words sink into my addled brian.

Hazel has gone off to her weekly Yoga class and I am cooking the dinner - leftover nut roast, Linda McCartney's sausages and gravy. Also the roast spuds, parsnips and carrots etc. Yum!

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