Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Grumpy Guide To Art

Dear Radio Times, It has come to my attention that your Grumpy Old.... series is getting far too funny and not "grumpy" atall! I nearly choked on a brazil nut last night whilst watching those crazy 40 somethings describe the delights of the Tate and Suurealism, Pre-raphaelites etc. Vic reeves was particularly engaging ( big hit song Shaun The Sheep by the way ).

Could have done without the 3rd rate holiday show and gardening celebs though.

Jenny Eclair was particularly delightful we thought. Just a sort anecdoet about her. Hazel was in a group show of recently graduated RCA students in the 80's in Islington atthe Crocodil Gallery. sadly now defunct.

She wanted to by some of Hazel work. She was making very cheap "Currant Steamers" at the time. Jenny pondered her options- "MMMmmm I'm feeling a bit pre-menstrual today' she declared, " will it be your bueautiful Currant Steamers or some new shoes for my husband?" So she she went off to think about it. hazel never saw her again but phoned up a few days later to see. But jenny was out and her husband said on the phone - "ooh these new shoes are a bit tight! "

Oh how we laughed! No mor e Brazils for me Mrs. Worthington.

It wasgreat to see at the end what bits of art they had bought recently. it seems Jenny has a Cornelia Parker exploding shed hanging from her stair well! Fantastic! one of our favourites too!

All the best, Victor Lewis- Smith

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