Monday, March 12, 2007

Slighly Sillier and More Sensible Please

O.K. Hazel pointed out that my recent bloggings have looked rather weird so I am trying to reflect what sleep deprivation and Tamarzipan does to an already addled brain!

So here's a slightly more sensibler ( is there such a worm ?) bloggage at 5a.m after a deep four hours sleep.

It was lovely to get a phone call from my "little" brother the other day, who is actually probably an inch or two taller and wider than me, well last time I saw him that is! He saw the bloggage too and was alarmed by the wordage and phoned to see how I was. This cheered me up no end. He can hardly get two words out of me normally but I think I succeeded in baffling him with my new found knowledge of 7o's rock that had been hidden somewhere deep in the cobwebbed recesses of my brain. I can talk for Great Britain these days if there was such a sport.

Woozy feelings. Its the Tamarzipan the NHS Help Line said. Well worth checking out if you are worried or anxious about something. They have trained councellors who are very easy to talk too.

The Health Service seems to be imploding but the poeple who work for it do so, under great stress and amazed at how much they laugh all the time. I was laughing too when I came out of the Infirmary. Though not surprised so many people go to Poland to have their teeth capped ! The nurses there are fantastic as are all the medics. Humour is a great weapon and was used in the last war very effectively to keep up morale ( ITMA etc.) The radio is great to drift off to sleep listening to some wonderful archives on BBC 7. Thankfull the Beeb get it right sometimes.

Some very strange and amusing films on yesterday afternoon as I woozled after a nap. Mutiny On The Bounty on C5 was hilarious with Marlon Brando heading mostly British cast of swarthy sea dogs and faces you cant quite but a name too? Is that Ted Moult? Bernad Cribbins? surely not! Certainly Trevor Howard as Cpt. Bligh was suitably by turns amusing and frightening! Ooer! Look out its them Tahatian gals again with their bread fruits! Ah the swelling theme music of the bongos - still ringing in in my ears!

Stoppit! Now its getting silly again!

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